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    Tips and tools for floor installation

    In this article, I’ll share tips and tools for installing large-format floors, such as 120×120 rectified tiles. It’s a task that requires precision and attention to detail to achieve impeccable and long-lasting results. We’ll explore the importance of using leveling systems with wedges and spacers, as well as high-performance tile adhesive, to ensure a perfect installation of this type of flooring.

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    Consejos y herramientas sobre la instalación de suelos

    Leveling systems: Ensuring floor flatness

    When it comes to installing large format floors, maintaining a strictly level surface is crucial. This not only ensures a uniform visual appearance but also contributes to the durability and stability of the pavement over time. To achieve this precise leveling, it’s essential to use leveling systems with wedges and spacers.

    These systems are specifically designed to facilitate the installation of large formats, helping to correct any irregularities in the base surface and ensuring an impeccable final result. By using certified wedges and spacers from reputable brands, you ensure a uniform installation free of unevenness that could compromise the integrity of the floor in the long run. 

    High-performance tile adhesive: The foundation of a solid installation

    Another crucial aspect in the installation of large format floors is the type of tile adhesive used. It’s essential to opt for high-performance tile adhesive specially formulated for porcelain floors. This type of adhesive provides superior adhesion and optimal mechanical strength, which is essential for properly supporting and fixing large formats.

    By choosing quality tile adhesive, you ensure a solid bond between the floor and the base surface, minimizing the risk of detachment or breakage of the tiles. Additionally, using suitable tile adhesive facilitates application and reduces the possibility of errors during the installation process.

    The benefits of a leveled surface

    Maintaining a strictly leveled surface is not only important for the aesthetics of the floor but also comes with a series of practical benefits. Firstly, a leveled surface facilitates the application of tile adhesive, allowing for a uniform thickness that maximizes the adhesion between the floor and the base.

    Additionally, installing over a leveled surface reduces the likelihood of gaps or air pockets forming underneath the tiles, which could lead to structural damage or shifting over time. Furthermore, a leveled base contributes to an even distribution of the load on the floor, minimizing the risk of breakage or cracks caused by concentrated pressure points.

    Ensuring optimal results

    In summary, installing large format floors requires attention to every detail to ensure optimal and long-lasting results. Using leveling systems with wedges and spacers, along with high-performance tile adhesive, is essential to guarantee a perfect installation and a leveled surface that optimizes durability and aesthetics of the pavement.

    By investing in the right materials and tools, as well as skilled labor, you ensure a large format floor installation that not only impresses visually but also endures over time with resilience and solidity.

    These are just a few examples of how you can approach the renovation of rooms and commercial spaces such as bars. If you’re considering making any changes, feel free to reach out to us for a consultation. You can find us on any form on our website.

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