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    Renovation, interior design and decoration services

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    Complete renovations

    Transform every space in your home with our comprehensive renovations, where every detail matters to create the perfect ambiance

    Interior design

    Discover how our team of interior designers can turn your ideas into exceptional designs that reflect your unique style and personality


    Explore our selection of accessories and decorative details that will add the final touch to every corner of your home, creating cozy and elegant atmospheres


    Make a flawless first impression with our facade design and renovation solutions, enhancing the exterior beauty of your home

    Our services

    En Clares Reformas, we understand that a construction project is not simply about building or renovating a space; it’s an opportunity to transform and create. We are passionate about design and excellence in execution, and each project is a blank canvas where we pour our passion.

    Our approach is complete and meticulous. From full renovations to the smallest decoration details, we ensure to deliver a complete and high-quality service that meets the most demanding expectations.

    When you choose us, you embark on a journey towards realizing your dreams. Every space becomes an opportunity to bring your ideas to life and create environments that reflect your style and personality.

    Our expert team is here to immerse themselves in your project with enthusiasm and dedication. From the structure to the finishing touches, we commit to surpassing your expectations and meeting your needs.

    Are you ready to start your next project?

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    We are here to offer you personalized services and make your renovation dreams a reality.

    Complete maintenance

    At Clares Reformas, we understand the importance of keeping your spaces in perfect condition. Our maintenance service offers complete solutions for communities, villas, houses, and businesses, ensuring that your property remains in optimal condition at all times without worries or unpleasant surprises.

    Our team of highly qualified professionals with many years of experience takes care of every detail, from installation to repairs, so you can enjoy the tranquility of a well-maintained space.

    Frequently asked questions

    In our company, we offer a wide range of complete renovation services, including kitchen remodeling, bathroom renovations, complete home renovations, interior design, electrical installations, and plumbing services, among others.

    The time required to complete renovation varies depending on the magnitude of the project. While the timeframe for new construction can be estimated, renovations are more complex and depend on the specific scope of work involved.

    You can request a quote for your complete renovation project by contacting us through our website, by phone, or by visiting our offices. We will be happy to schedule a visit to your home to assess your needs and provide you with a detailed and personalized quote.

    Yes, we would be happy to provide you with references from satisfied previous clients. We have successfully completed numerous complete renovation projects and have positive testimonials that support the quality of our work and our commitment to excellence.

    Yes, we have extensive experience in a variety of complete renovation projects, from small renovations to larger and more complex projects. We are prepared to adapt to your specific needs and ensure a final result that exceeds your expectations.

    Yes, we offer a warranty on all our renovation projects. We are committed to customer satisfaction and ensure that each project is completed to the highest standards of quality. If any issues arise after the renovation is completed, we will be happy to resolve them at no additional cost to you.

    We accept a variety of payment methods, including bank transfer, credit/debit card, and cash. We will provide you with all the necessary information regarding payment methods at the time of contract signing.

    Currently, we do not offer direct financing for renovation projects. However, we can provide guidance on external financing options, such as personal loans or lines of credit, which could help you finance your project appropriately.

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