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    Complete home maintenance

    The tranquility of a well-maintained space

    Complete maintenance for homes and businesses

    At Clares Reformas, we understand the importance of keeping your spaces in perfect condition. Our maintenance service offers comprehensive solutions for communities, villas, houses, and businesses, ensuring that your property remains in optimal condition at all times without worries or unpleasant surprises.

    Our team of highly qualified professionals with many years of experience takes care of every detail, from installation to repairs, so you can enjoy the tranquility of a well-maintained space.

    Clares Madera

    At Clares Reformas, we are committed to providing you with quality maintenance service tailored to your needs and budget. Trust us to keep your spaces in perfect condition.

    Contact us without any obligation.

    Our complete maintenance service includes

    • Plasterboard: Repairs, installations, and renovations of walls and ceilings with high-quality materials and impeccable finishes.

    • Construction: Solutions tailored to your needs, from small renovations to large-scale projects.

    • Plumbing: Repairs, installations, and maintenance of plumbing systems to ensure safe and efficient water flow.

    • Painting: Renew the appearance of your spaces with our painting services, using modern techniques and a wide range of colors.

    • Electricity: Safe and efficient electrical installations, as well as repairs and maintenance to ensure the proper functioning of your electrical systems.

    • Windows and doors: Installation, repair, and maintenance of wood and PVC windows and doors, offering security, insulation, and aesthetics.

    • Furniture assembly: Professional furniture assembly to make the most of space and create functional and aesthetic environments.

    • Breakdowns: Quick and efficient solutions for any type of breakdown, minimizing downtime and restoring the normal operation of your facilities.

    • Air conditioning and climate control: Installation, maintenance, and repair of air conditioning and climate control systems to ensure a comfortable environment throughout the year.

    Frequently asked questions

    Comprehensive maintenance involves regular care and supervision of all aspects of a living or commercial space, including repairs, cleaning, inspections and upgrades.

    Services may include cleaning, maintenance of electrical and plumbing systems, minor repairs, painting, landscaping, waste management, and cosmetic and functional upgrades.

    The frequency may vary depending on the specific needs of the space and the type of use. However, it is advisable to carry out inspections and maintenance regularly, with quarterly, semi-annual or annual programs.

    The cost depends on the size and complexity of the space, as well as the scope of services required. Some companies offer maintenance packages with fixed rates, while others may charge by the service or by the hour.

    If an emergency occurs, such as a water leak or electrical failure, it is important to immediately contact a maintenance professional or emergency service to resolve the problem as soon as possible and minimize damage.

    If a problem is detected during an inspection, it is important to address it as soon as possible to prevent further damage. You can coordinate with your maintenance provider to schedule repairs or seek professional advice as needed.

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